Anonymous asked:

Glad I wasn't the only one who wanted Colombia or Mexico to win.

papi-james answered:

They both did NOT deserve what they got tbh. I cried during the Mexico vs. Netherlands game not even going to lie. Robben’s dive was complete shit and it annoyed me so much that he admit that he dove AFTER the game, the fuck? If you wanted to be the “honest hero” you would’ve said it during the game to keep it fair rather than after. Mexico played flawlessly during the entire WC tbh and they did NOT deserve that loss. And although I was rooting for Brazil during the Brazil vs. Colombia game, what I saw definitively opened my eyes tho. Colombia deserved that semi-finals spot way more than Brazil did tbh (let’s be honest James didn’t deserve that yellow card and David Luiz’ free kick shouldn’t have been given *even tho it was amazing*) and man the way the team abused James a few fouls should’ve been called out.